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When Is It Too Early To Send Save The Dates?

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Real talk: the chances are slim to none that your gorgeous wedding daydreams — past, present, future — feature the colossal number of timeline and logistical considerations to juggle while planning your save the dates and wedding invitation design. 

Sure. I might be wrong. But something, just something, tells me I’m not! 

Before you banish them to the dustbin of your mind, though, hear me out. These considerations are literally essential. At the most basic level, they make the difference between having wedding guests and *not* having wedding guests. And at the highest level, these considerations are direct reflections of how much you value love, respect, and community. So let’s talk about when *not* to send your save the date so you know exactly when you *should* send your save the date!

1. No venue? No save the dates.

Don’t send your save the date before you’ve booked your venue (or before you decide you’re getting married at your home or someone else’s home, if you’re not going the venue route). This might seem borderline-ridiculous on the Universal Scale of Obvious Things, but trust and believe me when I say it’s not. If you haven’t confirmed a location in any kind of binding way, you don’t have a month, let alone a date.

2. Local wedding = shorter timeline for sending save the dates.

 If the vast majority of your guests live locally and you’re getting married locally, you don’t want to send your save the date 9–12 months before your wedding. Yes, you may have local guests who have incredibly busy schedules and could benefit from knowing 9–12 months in advance. (If that is the case for most of your guests, by all means send the save the date). If it’s not, though, it’s A-OK to send them six to eight months in advance.

3. Destination wedding = longer timeline for sending save the dates.

Conversely, there’s such a thing as sending your save the dates too late. Luckily, this is a very easy problem to avoid from the get-go.

Don’t send your save the date only six months before a destination wedding, a holiday season wedding, or a popular vacation time wedding. Think about it this way: your save the date is the very first experience your guests will have with your wedding. Give them the gift of time (and, frankly, the gift of not feeling scrambled and rushed) with a save the date sent at least 9–12 months in advance. 

Want some more guidance?

I’d love to help you. My custom save the date and wedding invitation design services always include step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process — which means you won’t stress for even one second over timelines, dates, and etiquette. Inquire now and let’s schedule your complimentary consultation!


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