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The Real Reason You Want Calligraphy Place Cards at Your Wedding

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All great hosts know that the art of inviting doesn’t end when guests receive the invitations.

They know it’s just the start.

They know that every aspect of a wedding is a golden chance to let your most beloved people know they belong and that you want them there.

The experience of walking into your venue, eyes full of admiration and wonderment? An act of inviting.
The experience of knowing exactly where to walk after the ceremony? An act of inviting.
The experience of considered light, gorgeous music, and sublime dining that feels like a total tapestry? (You can guess what I’m going to say, right?)

So when I see lackluster place cards at weddings that have been so carefully and lovingly planned?
My heart sinks with lightning speed.

You definitely know the kind — the same typeface that everyone uses, too small to read, and seemingly isolated on a design-island of its own, not complementing the tablescape in any way, shape, or form. They could be everyone’s and nobody’s place cards.

Can I tell you just how easy this is to avoid? Hand-rendered calligraphy is one of the most striking and enchanting ways out of this scenario. With calligraphy place cards, you’re being intentional about each and every person at your wedding. And that feeling is never, ever forgotten.

But there’s another major reason why you want to elevate your celebration with personal, heirloom-worthy place cards:

Nothing compares to the look and sound of one’s own name.

Never, ever underestimate how much people love reading their own name. And when they glide up to their seats for the feast part of your fete, realizing a calligrapher sat down to use a pointed metal nib, ink, and beautiful paper to create gorgeous letterforms (letters!) and flourishes? Cue the swooning and chatter as guests show each other the particularities of their place cards.

And even more than that . . .

People crave connection.

And fine art — like fine art, hand-rendered calligraphy — is such a pure embodiment of special and rare love. The kind you find in your dearest friendships and in your dearest love. The person you want to spend a lifetime with.

So if anyone says, “it’s just a place card,” or “it’s just a piece of paper,” you can smile to yourself and know that the extraordinary is so often found in small packages. And if you want to dream into your bespoke calligraphy place cards with me, reach out and we’ll schedule your complimentary consultation.


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