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Need A Unique Boston Wedding Invitation? Do These 3 Things

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When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many reasons to clink glasses over accomplishing each step of the way. A major one? Booking your venue. 

Seriously sweet relief, right?

If you’re thinking this is a funny way to start a blog about designing a wedding invitation that hits all the right Boston notes, stay with me:

Perhaps you toured too many to count, or you were agonizing between two options for days, or you were just in the nick of time to secure it for *the* date (you know the one).

No matter your reason, I can’t blame you if that whole process felt more, shall we say — extensive! — than you had imagined pre-engagement. It’s no exaggeration to say there are countless *stunning* venue and locale choices in and just beyond Boston’s city limits. (I’m seriously so lucky to be a wedding invitation designer and calligrapher in this region. My daily scroll is more “aesthetic” than “doom” because of the sheer number of properties I get to admire constantly!)

But I digress:

Since you’re a couple who’s obsessed with the details, I’m comfortable betting you take pride in being the hosts with that certain secret sauce to an amazing party: surprise and delight. Still, you might wonder how to approach custom wedding invitation design in a way that’s next-level subtle *and* awe-worthy. While stunning venue illustrations, pet portraits, and custom monogram crests are beautiful options, I want to remind you that the realm of design possibility isn’t limited to those choices! 

“OK,” you’re thinking. “I know what I like but I can’t pinpoint it.” 

No need to struggle — I have suggestions up my sleeve to help you get started on creating an intriguing Boston wedding invitation:

1. A wedding invitation that looks beyond the flowers.

Like approximately 99.9% of wedding professionals (and many, *many* couples), I swoon on a daily basis for custom floral arrangements. In a dream world, I’d make a carbon copy of myself and let it become a florist. 

It makes so much sense that couples love to incorporate floral motifs into their invitations, *and* it also makes so much sense if you’re itching to find a way to do it unexpectedly. Perhaps you and your partner met over strolls through Jamaica Plain’s Arnold Arboretum, and just one sight of their magnificent Eastern redbud tree brings you right back to that new I’m-so-in-love-I-can’t-take-it feeling. Mentioning those details means we can look at its different shapes and shades so we can incorporate those details without necessarily bringing in a tree motif.

2. “Love letters” or love letters?

You had to know I’d bring up words — I’m a calligrapher and stationer *and* a voracious reader. My guess is you love books too, and probably have your favorite Boston writers, and might even so far as to research their handwritten letters of yore (or is that just me?!). We can look at how Dorothy West wrote her correspondences, or the romantic, historical torn edges of Edgar Allen Poe’s letters. These elements can jumpstart an entirely new diecut shape for your main invitation or any other element of your decidedly Boston wedding invitation suite.

3. It (really is) all in the details. 

Remember how I mentioned how venues illustrations or watercolor paintings can be beautiful, but you might want to do something more outside the box while still alluding to your venue? I’m going to give you some homework (it’s fun, I *promise!*):

Take a walk or a drive to your venue. On your journey, have your partner make a running list (or speak into Siri) of what you notice right before you arrive at the venue.

— Is there a charming and ragged cobblestone alley?
— A border on a door number that always makes you pause and admire it?
— An epic gargoyle or cornice that’s always caught your eye?

Don’t overthink it. Just jot down what either catches your eye in the moment or what you always pops into your head  when you envision the neighborhood. What you’ve ultimately created is a starting point to discuss interesting textures, lines, and shapes that we can incorporate into your lettepress, or custom diecut paper shape, or sculptural embossing — the possibilities are ENDLESS. No hyperbole. 

Ready to learn more about my custom wedding invitation process?

Inquire now and let’s schedule your complimentary consultation with me! I can’t wait to brainstorm ideas and directions for your incredibly chic and thoughtful Boston wedding invitation.


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